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Martial art of the Japanese Riot Police”

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Belt colour, grade and training hours


Shodan min 300 hrs  

6th Kyu

Grades and techniques

8th Kyu min 25 hrs

7th Kyu min 50 hrs

6th Kyu min 75 hrs

5th Kyu min 100 hrs

4th Kyu min 100 hrs

3rd Kyu min 150 hrs

2nd Kyu min 100 hrs

1st Kyu min 100 hrs

8th Kyu 7th Kyu 5th Kyu 4th Kyu 3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu

The grading syllabus  is based on one produced by Honbu dojo (www.yoshinkan.net) which is updated on a yearly basis. When somebody is ready to test they will be informed by their instructor.

Completion of the minimum number of hours does not automatically entitle you to take a grade. There will occasionally be exceptional circumstances which will allow a student to grade below the minimum hours.  If this is the case then your instructor will inform you.

Training hours will only count:

All Dan grades are registered at Honbu and only Honbu Kyu grade certificates are issued.

The use of the term AYF after a Dan grade refers to the fact that it has been registered at Honbu.

In  Yoshinkan Aikido we do not have competitions so gradings serve many purposes such as testing yourself  under pressure, to measure progress and to show your level of physical conditioning.

Regular consistent training is the best way to make progress. It is expected that club members will test as and when they are ready. The minimum hours that are shown as a requirement are in addition to the previous grade. Therefore if all the hours from 8th Kyu to Shodan are added, they come to a minimum of 1000 hours.

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