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Martial art of the Japanese Riot Police”

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Ben West - Nidan - Senior Instructor

In 2010  Ben Travelled to Japan to train with Ando Shihan for 7 weeks as part of the Ryu dojo Kenshu programme. He trained and lived alongside the Uchideshi and Tokubetsu students. Towards the end of his stay Ben was graded to 4th Kyu by Ando Shihan.

He then left for Kyoto and regrouped with other members of the Stafford dojo training with Jacques Payet Sensei. Ben then travelled back to Tokyo to train at the Honbu dojo and take part in the 48th All Japan Aikido Demonstration.

After leaving Japan Ben continued to work and travel all over the world. When he was in the UK he continued to train both in Stafford and Belper.  

Ben began his martial arts career as a full time member of a dedicated boxing team while serving in the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment.

In 2005 his Aikido study started under the tutelage of Alan Mansell Sensei (5th Dan) of the Aikido research federation. After six months he moved to Afghanistan for 3 years where he worked and trained in various martial arts & forms of unarmed combat as part of his security work.

Ben’s Yoshinkan training began in 2008 with Jay Savery Sensei in Stafford. He trained intensely alongside Rob Purnell (uchideshi) and Henry Pielacki. Ben averaged between 10-12 hrs per week before returning to work in Afghanistan in late 2009.

Ben joined the  Goryukan Belper Dojo after returning to the UK. He was awarded Shodan (1st Dan) & level 6 (Dai Roku) instructor certificates on the 9th January 2014.

He was promoted to Nidan (2nd Dan) and level 5 (Dai Go) instructor during Miranda Sensei’s visit in September of 2015.

Ben now lives in Mid Glamorgan.