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Martial art of the Japanese Riot Police”

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Kemal began his martial arts journey at the age of eight (shortly after watching Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon!). He took up Ishinryu Karate and trained for five years in a competition style. This culminated in being awarded his 3rd Kyu by British Karate team coach Sensei Ticky Donovan.

After a gap in his training he rekindled his interest in the martial arts at the age of 26 when he took up Kempo Jujitsu under Shihan Peter Browne in London where he became more interested in practical self- defence rather than the sporting side of martial arts. After two years in the art he returned to East Anglia (where he had grown up).

Kemal began a 6 year period of intensive training in Ishin Ryu Jujitsu under Soke Kevin Pell and Renshi Trevor Steward. This was a no-nonsense style of jujitsu that incorporated a training regime inspired by Soke Pell's military background. Kemal was awarded his Shodan Ho and the title of Sempai in 2007 when he became an assistant instructor.

In 2008 Kemal moved to Belper and his journey in the martial arts took a new and interesting turn when he took up Yoshinkan Aikido at the Goryukan Belper dojo. On the 25th September 2014 he was awarded Shodan (1st Dan) & level 6 (Dai Roku) instructor certificates by Miranda Sensei. Kemal acknowledges that taking up Aikido has been not only challenging but hugely rewarding and has added new depth and subtlety to his lifelong passion for the martial arts. He now lives in Oxfordshire.

Kemal Shaheen - Shodan - Instructor