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“Martial art of the Japanese Riot Police”

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Mr. Steven Miranda is the founder and chief instructor of Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento. Steven began his study of Yoshinkan Aikido in 1982 under the direction of  Mits Yamashita Sensei (6th dan) of the Sanbukan Dojo in Long Beach, California. Steven first met Yamashita Sensei at El Camino Community College in Torrance, California. Along with his training Steven was also the primary instructor for the Wednesday night classes at the Sanbukan. Among Steven's responsibilities was teaching the new students dojo protocol and etiquette, ukemi (falling), the required basic techniques and kihon dosa. These were required for their first exam. Steven also assisted with the police defence tactics course and was taught combat defence grappling by Yamashita Sensei and Sensei Johann.

Steven was tested and promoted to shodan in 1997 and nidan in 1999 by Yamashita Sensei. At the encouragement of Yamashita Sensei Steven invited Amos Parker Shihan (9th dan) to continue his training in July of 2000. Steven was tested and promoted to Sandan (2001),    Yondan (2004),  Godan  (2008) and Rokudan  (2012). Examinations were administered by Parker Shihan. Like the dojo itself all of Steven's dan ranks are registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. Steven was also granted his Dai Ichi (level 1) instructors certificate. This enables Steven to promote and register his students with the Yoshinkan honbu dojo to the rank of yondan  (4th degree black belt).

Technical Director - Steven Miranda